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Why Our Mobile Physical Therapy is So Successful

  • Higher compliance
  • Less relapse
  • Better attendance
  • More complete participation in therapy
  • Quicker recovery
  • Equipment is brought to patients home with less occurence of injury

What our company offers

  • Home safety evaluations
  • Functional training for home, work, recreational and sport activities
  • Postural re-education, ergonomic, & movement awareness
  • Balance, coordination, & gait training
  • Stroke rehabilitation
  • Falls prevention
  • Senior wellness


Examples of the Equipment We Use

  • Hot Pack
  • Cold Pack
  • Tens
  • Mini Bike
  • Dumbbells
  • Ankle Weights
  • Balance Boards
  • Ultra-Sound Machines
  • Thera Band
  • Swiss Ball

You now have the option to be seen in the comfort of your own home!

The Benefits:

  • Improved Compliance with no missed treatment sessions
  • Improve patients function in their real natural environment.
  • Eliminates traveling, risk of driving after surgery
  • More privacy for the patient and their family
  • Prevents distractions from other clients, phone calls etc
  • One hour individualized session with a physical therapist
  • Equipment is brought to the patients home with less occurrence of injury
  • Patients can be seen or make an appointment within 24 hours